Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilley – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy-ish)

As requested an acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilley song – Moonlight Shadow. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can also find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: 🙂


  1. Bravo Alan TX 🙂

  2. Thank you, it's good

  3. Great, as usual 😉 !


  5. Kentucky Rain by Elvis Presley please!!!

  6. Francisco Migoya Garcia

    gracias por esta clase maestro

  7. alan you're the best guitar teacher of all youtube 🙂 thank you from italy

  8. Wonderful as usual!!

  9. Илья Громыко


  10. Champion rendition my man !!!!

  11. I'm not familiar with this song Alan, but I always love to listen to songs I've never heard when you interpret them with your versions. Well done.

  12. Please do ACDC TNT

  13. Beautiful 80s Song many thanks!!! And what do you think will be possible please of Camouflage " the Great Commandment" too …?! #:=)) Another beautiful 80s song..Many thanks again

  14. Nice one Alan. I was watching this on TOTP 1983 the other day and thought, I've always like this I must learn it! Great minds think alike lol. Any chance of a tutorial of 'Oh Babe What Would You Say?' by Hurricane Smith? or 'Matrimony' by Gilbert O'Sullivan? Sorry for being cheeky and asking for requests. Keep up the great work matey.

  15. edoardo compagnoni

    Alan you're too good

  16. Hi Alan. I have been following you for quite a while, your song choices are inspirational. Thank you.
    I found this easier to bar all chords, as the flow seems to work just as well…

  17. I can't seem to get F right , any tips? :v

  18. Ceroz Cerozovich


  19. tres jolie alan magnifique chanson bon guitariste

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