More Than Words by Extreme Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial PART 2

PART 2 of my acoustic guitar lesson for More Than Words by Extreme! Check it out!

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  1. Thank you Marty! You are an amazin teacher and your video lessons are the best I've seen!

  2. How come it is not like the original?

  3. Anyway you could do a tutorial on Train’s “Marry Me” on acoustic. I’m giving myself a year to learn it to propose to my girlfriend

  4. thank you!

  5. Awesome lesson. Been trying to learn this since very long. Your video and teaching is really good. Thanks.

  6. Sebastián Lorca

    Como el pico tu wea, a mi me cuesta un poco y el hecho de que fueses tan rápido y empieces a tocar la canción de la nada es malísimo. Mejorable

  7. Do you have a video on how to play All For You by Sister Hazel that I am not seeing?

  8. Fuck you. You have to teach the lesson step by step bitch.

  9. Karl Whittaker

    Thank you so much for this great lesson on a must learn acoustic guitar song

  10. Awesome lesson. Geat pace. Easy to follow.

  11. Great instructions, thanks and keep up the tutorials 🙂

  12. justin collins

    What about the fingerpicking and cadenza played at the end? : )

  13. T U R T L E R A B B I T

    Less views on the second part? Many people gave up huh?

  14. Brandon Grorud

    Marty sing it!

  15. This has probably been one of the most effective tutorials I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t change I thing! Absolutely incredible. Marty keeps checking in and re-winds back to make sure you have really understood each new section. All I had to do was watch the video through and now I can play this whole tune. Thanks Marty!

  16. Thx champ..i might stay in Eb

  17. Love Eb sounds real kool

  18. Thank you Marty. I could this with ear or so, but i like to watch your videos.

  19. Thanks Marty.

  20. Been home alone for about 7 hours so I've kinda been learning how to play it on and off all day but now I can fluently play it and sing along so thanks for that. However I would've liked to see you attempt the super fast lick at the very end of the song, I think that would have been cool.

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