MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Acoustic guitar lesson!

MORTAL KOMBAT acoustic guitar riff lesson, One of my favorite games of all time and everyone knows the song! This is the first thing I ever learned on the guitar so I hope you enjoy, thank you all!


  1. MajorToaster 749

    Midway made mortal kombat

  2. Its like trying to learn a combo

  3. Thank you :3

  4. Matthew Alexander

    Hey thanks for this lesson, gonna take this lesson on my electric guitar, gonna learn this song by your lesson

  5. Rs skys Rs esports TCRSS
  6. Bounded Outward

    Electric gang

  7. How do u not know mortal kombat was made by NetherRealms studios? They are also published by Warner brothers interative

  8. Mohamad Abasi Moghadam

    thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. To quick

  10. Sega is great artist. Im kidding you are cool man

  11. You should have a lot more subs

  12. Hey, I know it's 2018 now but I'm new to the channel and I've seen a few vids, you're really good man!! I cannot wait to see this channel grow. Keep up the good work brother!!


  14. Waaay too fast

  15. i didnt learn anything

  16. Kinda like a C, you mean an F major7? 😛

  17. Hi there From the U.K. where are you these days mate?

  18. Пяздато

  19. Uh your not telling me where to put my fingers!!!

  20. Velocified Vlogs

    I cant watch this anymore its way to fast. No offense

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