Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart – Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic, I have tons of FREE courses at my site

  2. I like that guitar

  3. Just after the dirt came out this video shows up.. Mick Mars would approve of this

  4. Yo what’s the amp settings they use on the recording

  5. Negutave creep?

  6. Marty, you should do a black magic woman solo lesson

  7. Maluca Sensacional

    Heavy metal songs are not impossible to play. You just need Marty's lessons

  8. Marty is more like Kick ass. Great lesson.

  9. it would be quite dandy if you could do "rhino skin" by tom petty, thanks!

  10. David guitar madman

    Whoa…yeah…kickstart my heart! Thanks Marty

  11. Or i sat by the ocean

  12. Go with the flow by queens of the stone age

  13. Will you do live wire next

  14. That was fun. My apologies to the neighbors.

  15. Hey Marty, thank you fo the kickstart my heart lesson!!

  16. Marty's the man

  17. Can you please do rebel rouser

  18. Do you have a lesson on Victim of Love by The eagles? Always loved this tune but cannot find a single lesson on it anywhere on YouTube

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