Move Only 2 Fingers and Play Thousands of Songs | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Learning the guitar at first can be very intimidating! It looks like there’s 15 strings and 100 frets!
It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Moving only your pointer and middle finger you can play so many songs! Checkout this vid and let me know what you think!
God bless!
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  1. Thanks for the lessons. Good explanation, good tunes. Followed you for some time and will continue to do so. Thanks again.

  2. Teach us Put your hurt on me by Midland!!

  3. Hey can you do heartless by Morgan wallet. Haha wallet wallen

  4. I'm a huge fan of your lessons! Can you maybe look into doing some songs by Flatland Cavalry, Josh Abbott Band, or Shotgun Rider? They're some great Texas Country bands with a huge following here in Texas!

  5. I love the lessons when you take a few chords and just go nuts with a mashup of several tunes!

  6. Matt, I'm a big fan of your lessons, and your ministry. We serve the same Almighty God! I just learned about a song yesterday called I Still Can't Say Goodbye by Chet Atkins. He wrote the song about his dad after being inspired by working with Paul McCartney and recording a song that Paul's dad wrote. I think I can take the principles from your lesson and apply them to Chet's song, which is in G (capo on 2). Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  7. Love the channel and all the positive energy you put out, Keep it moving brother.

  8. :)))) why didn't i notice this earlier? thanks a lot!

  9. I’m glad you do this every once and awhile. People have a hard time believing me when I tell them I started at 53… then I tell them about you. Thanks

  10. Great lesson as always Brother! You been taking voice lessons? Your singing is better these days .. just saying! lol

  11. I like and use the technique you've taught, but can't seem to nail the EM chord. Hard to stretch the fingers to reach it if I want to use two and can't seem to hold down the two strings with a single finger. I searched your account and can't find a video on just this chord.. can you do a video specifically on that to help those of us who are struggling with it please?

  12. What strings are you using? I love the tone bro

  13. Thank you for these beginner lessons all the time. Matt they are such a big help! Thank you…God bless

  14. Been watching you for over a year and you have taught me so much!!! So thank you! Future song lessons – Springsteen Eric Church, some more Cojo maybe. But all up to you!

  15. Hayden Schneider

    When do you think you will talk about the video chatting?

  16. Hayden Schneider

    Best guitar teacher ever! Thank you so much! Your not only good at guitar but singing to

  17. Lonnie Christopher

    ………..Anybody else have those two stationary fingers get real sore ???………I'm battling that issue……

  18. Yessss!!!!! Breaking out Travis Tritt!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

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