Mr. PC – Guitar LESSON – Melody & Chord Solo – MINOR BLUES Lesson

Guitar LESSON on MR PC by John Coltrane. Detailled & well explained. Chord Melody + Chord Solo over Minor Blues. +TABS

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Mr. PC was written by John Coltrane and is dedicated to the great bass man Paul Chambers. It’s a regular 12 bar minor blues with some nice kicks.
I’ve arranged this Guitar tutorial on Mr PC as a Chord Melody tune and included one chorus of a chord solo. You can use this chord solo over any minor blues in C minor.

The Mr PC guitar chords are just a plain jazz minor blues chord progression. Every jazz guitarist should know how to play Mr PC on guitar. So in case you don’t, here’s your perfect jazz guitar lesson to it.

I’ve also made the Mr PC TAB, which you can download from one of the above links. You can also support me on PAtreon and have all TABS included into your subscription.

I hope you like my Mr PC guitar lesson. Please give me a thumbs up and share the knowledge.
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Another good lesson thanks. Nice tempo.

  2. Bennett Michaels

    Greetings Sandra !!
    Many thanks !!

  3. Bonjour Sandra merci Pour cette vidéo

  4. That really is a beautiful axe you have there. Love the tone.

  5. Matias Cardozo

    what kind of pua you use, brand and thickness ! greetings from Argentina

  6. Arturo Valencia Coello

    I feel that each lesson is going up of difficulty, great work sandra!!! Now to enjoy and learn more!!

  7. Where is the “Jazz Nerds”? Live the chord solo

  8. Great Sandra thank you! There's not enough Jazz lessons on minor key swing (in my opinion) Would you consider an 'improv' lesson ,with some beginner 'outside' sounding techniques over this chord structure? Or anything to add to our minor blues/pentatonic scales Great work thanks again:)

  9. Ok now there’s no doubt , your the best guitar teacher on YouTube, your arrangements, song selection and performance are great! Thx very much!

  10. Cannot tell you how enjoyable & educational your videos are! Thank you 🙂

  11. I love your arrangement of this classic. I really crave instruction on this level. You do lots of "easy' level arrangements, and I have learned from them, but this level is just perfect for me. Thank you for sharing this professional quality instruction for free. You deserve many more subscribers.

  12. Salvador Garcia

    Magnífica lección.Bravo!!

  13. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Sandra at her best!

  14. Schpotzl Zwergl

    Oh, das hab ich schon mal gehört und mir gedacht, dass ich das voll gerne spielen können würde. Super!

  15. James Margulis

    I love your blues stuff. Thank you!

  16. Wow Sandra, you keep outdoing yourself. I mean it. Your song selections to teach are outstanding and the whole way you layout things (site, etc) is fantastic. However, it all starts with — "you." Your demeanor and style of teaching is smooth and refreshing. You're delightful and you make sitting through your lessons a very, very pleasant experience. You're calm and your pace is perfect. I'm referring people to you Sandra. Many thanks Sandra!!

  17. Your style of teaching is so smooth….and easy…..

  18. One of your best, so far, lovely lady. Cheers!

  19. Refreshing….your the Best………………………………………………Thank You…..ron

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