Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy" Blues Guitar Lesson

Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy" Blues Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys Marty here again from “MartyMusic” hope everyone is off to a good week! I thought it’d be fun to show you probably the most iconic blues lick of “Mannish Boy” which has been altered and used in some heavy duty classic blues and rock tunes! Hope you have fun with this blues guitar lesson and hope to see you in the videos!


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  1. What's the song right at the end

  2. Hey Marty 1st thank you for your lessons, I've learned so much from them! 2nd, I love these old blues song lessons and was wondering if you could do more stuff, like Muddy, Howlin Wolf & Sumerlin, Bo Diddley, the 3 Kings..ect.

  3. Nice tutorial, ever thought about doing the Hendrix version

  4. This is great, but how do we do the solo part?

  5. thanks Marty!

  6. Why cant i play it right ive been trying for 3 hours

  7. Tимофей Фоторепортёр

    Hello from Ukrain !
    Man its realy cool !!!

  8. So ,now I know where Angus Young gets his licks from, from Muddy Waters

  9. best riff of all times

  10. i gotta say dude…i watch a lot of your vids, and i sometimes feel like you're just a TAD clunky on some songs with the tempo, like maybe you don't really love a lot of the songs you put in your tutorials. but man…you really come alive when you play blues. i think it's what you were born to play.

  11. absolute magic

  12. this was so badass and then he started talking XD

  13. ok but how do we do 5:16??

  14. Cool Tele man!

  15. Super! muddylessons

  16. Marty … you just keep getting better over all these years … you are the benchmark … the Gold Standard !

  17. Μουσική Είναι Ζωή

    Finna make my grandpa proud and learn this

  18. Teach us "Champagne & Reefer" next 🙂

  19. This song will make your chest hair grow 2 inches

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