Muddy Waters Style Blues Guitar Lesson – Solo Composition For Acoustic or Electric Guitar – EP213

Muddy Waters Style Blues Guitar Lesson - Solo Composition For Acoustic or Electric Guitar - EP213

In this blues guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to play a Muddy Waters inspired blues rhythm / lead that is played solo guitar (no accompaniment). I’ll show you several signature Muddy Waters licks and even how to simulate his slide technique. This works well on electric or acoustic guitar.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this guitar lesson, visit
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  1. long live the blues

  2. nice, love the blues

  3. real nice playing Brian

  4. Blues Guitar Institute

    duuuude! great work here, Brian.

  5. LadyAC/DCAngus Young Fan1998

    Nice! Hey can you do AC/DC hells bells? Like an acoustic version?

  6. you're putting out some great stuff, thank you!

  7. Wow this is so good!!!

  8. These are my favorite lessons man. This is why I signed up for Active Melody. Awesome. I am having so much fun learning these solo type acoustic blues tunes. Yay!

  9. These are the kind of songs I really like! I want more of these!

    Do you also play in open tunings like G or D? Would like to see some really slide guitar lessons.

  10. DirtyBluesStank

    Another winner

  11. Hey, homie, what's the guitar in your channel picture and why don't we see itin any vids????

  12. General Chang Music LLC

    P.S. I've been following you for a while and I'm about to put my money exactly where it should be! Nice going Brian

  13. General Chang Music LLC

    I'm constantly impressed! you continue to innovate, impress, and surprise! WHEEEEW! NICE!

  14. General Chang Music LLC

    DUDE! I really would like too not be rude however….UR The S@!*T!!! WOW!

  15. never stop teaching. you are awesome !

  16. Vincent Vasectomy

    Hairs on arms were raised.

  17. love this style the most, i have all the tabs in this style, this is killer

  18. Matt YouKnowWho

    Love the videos man! You videos have improved my skills by so much. Keep it up!

  19. Daniel Tiraboschi

    Very cool

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