Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Lesson Tutorial

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man - How to Play on Acoustic Guitar - Lesson Tutorial

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  1. Apparently 2500 people have never heard the song. The strumming pattern is not even close, the original is played in open C and half the stuff he plays is wrong

  2. This is NOT how the song is played , Should remove this video so people don't learn the wrong way…

  3. cant ask for a much simpler break down

  4. For everyone whining about tuning being wrong, there's different ways to play everything, this is much easier if you don't feel like tuning your guitar in the midst of playing songs out…

  5. you have wrong chords plus your tuning isnt good

  6. When Marty ever so slightly resembles Marcus mumford

  7. mumford and sons make the amazing music; marty teaches it marty da real MVP

  8. Marty, you sir, are a legend.

  9. Great demo dude.  You helped me figure out the last part of the verse with the funky C chord.  I think the bridge sounds better as G C F F instead of what your video taught (playing off the C to an F), but over all I think you did a great job. Thanks!!!

  10. such an awesome tutoriall

  11. 1:44 am I just too high or is that an edit?

  12. ..shrummble….shrummble….shrummble…heeeeyyyy! 😀

  13. Steffen Krausse

    Thank you Marty this was really helpfull!

  14. Thank you Marty!! You're a brilliant teacher!!

  15. Michael Crawley

    Marty I have learned so much from you over the years.  Thank you!

  16. Got some demonic illuminati shit going on at 1:45.

  17. ..and I would also like to thank the internet for its existance

  18. That was a whole lot better and easier than the video i just watched before. Can you do some more mumford songs??

  19. The rhythm is not right.

  20. Cameron Hollohan

    Hey Youtube, Marty taught me this song years ago and i made a thank you video for all of his years of service, as well as my cover of this song ! Thanks

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