Muse – Hysteria (Bass Tutorial with TABS)
This is pretty much already epic bassline, so here You go! Muse – Hysteria 🙂
The bass however doesn’t sound so good as in the original (it is doubled with midi synthesizer in it).
Cheers friends,
Bas Shiver

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  1. tutorial taik,kebanyakan tangan

  2. Very good tutorial. No bullshit – straight to the point. I actually learned the song thanks to this.

  3. tremendous, easy to follow, just a shame the riff is soooo bloody good I haven't got the skills… yet! Hopefully!

  4. thanks for this tutorial..

  5. Alyne de Oliveira

    show! mandou bem, obrigada

  6. are you Chris Wolstenholme?

  7. DennisMoore9000

    My fingers are bleeding, thanks!

  8. Sooo Helpful thank you for this!

  9. Gabriel Soriano

    Your videos are helpful af.Thank you!

  10. The turn around going into the chorus is wrong. I can't figure out what he's doing there. Too much fuzz in the mix lol.

  11. can you please tell me what effect do you use to get that song ?

  12. thanxx man!!!

  13. justawhite guyontheinternet

    I can play this song already and was just learning knights of clderia but the guy I was following did it much differently to you and I actually prefer your version haha. Back to square one then

  14. what are you tuned too?

  15. Most bands: heres a nice simple bassline that goes with the chord progression 🙂
    Muse: hahahahaha fuck you guys

  16. so I'm pretty new at playing bass and my friend says, "hey Elena you should learn this song"

    nope not today

  17. thanks for tutorial -FromINDONESIAN

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