Muse – Propaganda Guitar Lesson – Acoustic Version Full Tutorial

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Muse – Propaganda Guitar Lesson – Acoustic Version Full Tutorial ** Buy the album here – UK: USA: **

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About this video:

In this tutorial video Paul Douglas teaches how to play Propaganda by Muse (acoustic version) on the guitar. Muse are responsible for many iconic 21st century guitar riffs, but can also write fantastic acoustic songs; Unintended and Soldier’s Poem being just two fine examples. This song is an acoustic version of the song Propaganda, which although acoustic retains the funky feel and tension present in the original. This Muse “Propaganda” (acoustic) guitar lesson teaches all the riffs, chords and the solo from the song, taken from the deluxe version of the 2018 Muse album “Simulation Theory”.

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  1. I prefer the accoustic versions of propaganda and something human to the "non-accoustic" ones.

  2. i was having trouble with the solo layer so thank you for teaching me that but i'm sure it's A7 at the chorus instead of A 🙂

  3. Make tutorial Muse – Dig Down (Acoustic version) plsssssss

  4. Sebastián Navarro


  5. Great trutorial. I've watched a few of yours for Simulation Theory but this one gain you a subscribe. Very clear and a good pace. Plus you made me want to dig my acoustic out. Great job. Thank you.

  6. Thank you very much for this! Thanks to you I've almost played ir on uke 🙂

  7. accurateFailure 25

    This is my favourite song from the album, and this was really helpful! Thankyou so much!

  8. Great lesson, please cover something human (acoustic version)

  9. Too fast 🙁

  10. Awesome lesson!! LIKE#39

  11. So good !!! Can you do a tutorial of something human ??!

  12. like 17 my friend!

  13. JayJKay HouseOfHarley's


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