Music Theory Basics for Guitar: Lesson 1 – The Musical Alphabet

Lesson one of the basic music theory course for guitar! In this lesson I’ll teach you all about the musical alphabet.
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  1. Just leaving my thanks and appreciation. Cheers dude.

  2. Youre awesome!!!

  3. You taught us the whole half whole half theory, but that works on a single string. How are you able to play the same tunes from multiple chords?? Somebody olease explain.

  4. This guy is amazing ❤ thanks

  5. Richardt McLaren

    This was the most helpful video on youtube. Im a beginner and every single "beginner video" on music only confused me more. This video is literally the only one of them all that makes sense to a beginner like myself. Perfect explanation perfectly illustrated perfectly conveyed. Thank you i now finally understand

  6. I've been "playing" guitar for over 10 years learning songs from tab and have recently wanted to delve into the theory side of it. I've tried reading some materials but it's never stuck. I'm half way through this video and i'm already picturing the note progressions on the fret board in my head and its starting to make sense already. Thank you for explaining this in a really straight forward way!

  7. Thank you Hunter ⚓️

  8. Thank you I learnt something good here

  9. Danielle Mendoza

    Thanks for keeping this here. It is so helpful

  10. Perfect video. All good info
    No bs thanks bro!

  11. You're the best. Thanks.

  12. _cheesy cheesecake_

    What i never knew the fifth fret thing xD

  13. Super Mecha Death Christ

    You are very good at explaining, good job

  14. Bro thank you bro for sharing this with us

  15. Awesome , now i know why it call G or C chords

  16. Derek Hoyt's Music

    I needed you. I needed this. Thank you

  17. E ddy
    A te
    D ynamite
    G ood
    B ye
    E ddy

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