Music Theory for Bass Guitar – Intervals Part 1 (L#4)

This lesson covers the most basic building blocks of music and music theory: Intervals. This first part covers semitones, tones and intervals of the major scale. It also has a look at the construction of the Major scale. This is all shown with reference to the bass guitar neck.

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  1. I don't even play bass (guitar, sorry :$), but 2 minutes in and everything is spot on helpful. Thanks!

  2. great teacher

  3. Alessandro Mondelli

    Fantastic lesson as always very very useful thanks a lot

  4. How can there be any dislikes on this video – it's a clear concise lesson. What is wrong with people?

  5. Great content!!! And free!! So awesome

  6. Thoughts Manifested

    A true teacher. I appreciate the lesson.

  7. you're a hero…

  8. Thanks for the video lesson, Mark.
    What is the name for the three tones interval from perfect unison (so it lies between the perfect fourth and fifth)? I was watching some other video where teacher was explaining intervals, giving names to them, and she named all intervals from the unison through the octave, and each of them were a semi-tone distance from the previous one except for one, which was one tone from the previous (perfect fifth from the perfect fourth), and I wonder why it is so.

  9. Very easy to understand teacher. These vids are a great help to me. Thanks Mar! 🙂

  10. What kind of bass is he using?

  11. Hi, These lessons are just what ive been after thank you 🙂 can i ask the Jazz bass you are using is an american deluxe?
    sorry im a bit of a newby and im after a Jazz bass with the inlays

  12. Thank you so much for clearing up the difference between a harmonic and a melodic interval for me, now i hear you say it, it just sounds so simple. Keep up the good work man!

  13. Brand new bass player here (4 months). I really appreciate these lessons! Thank you!

  14. Very helpful and clear, then I'll try to follow your instructions… Thanks

  15. Fantastic but simplistic break down of numerical patterns in half and whole steps to allow a player go all over the fretboard and actually improvise and also in KEY! Thanks so much. This is invaluable to make any bass player a bigger part in the creative writing part of a bands song.  This also helps prove that bass isn't just a rhythm instrument but a MELODY instrument and therefore the "BASS" melody of the entire song. In America, they have more of a "lets just add the bass after  the rhythm and lead guitar writes it. In British bands, you can always hear the driving main melody coming from the bass as in most cases, the MAIN instrument and foundation of the song. The is why the majority of the BEST NON-SLAP bass players are British!

  16. Thank you so much for this, I've been playing bass for years and somehow always avoided music theory, because I didn't "get it", it just appeared dry and uninteresting to me. Now that I finally want to learn more about theory this helps a lot, I really appreciate how clearly you explain this. I also love your accent by the way 🙂

  17. very Helpful. is there a way i cansupport you? greetings from the philippines

  18. Ali Göğüşoğlu

    Thanks a lot !

  19. MJS Music Publications Easy Bass Guitar Theory

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