Music Theory For Bass Guitar – Minor Scales & Keys (L#18)

This lesson covers the construction of the Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor scales and how they relate to Minor keys. The concept of relative major and minor keys is also discussed with reference to Key Signatures.

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  1. wow man you re great at teaching, thank you!

  2. Absolutely invaluable content mark, really appreciate this stuff, so helpful, concise and clearly explained, thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for demystifying minors keys. Can I default to any one of the minors keys when jamming? e.g. if someone says a song/riff is in C minor, can I simply use the relative major scale (D Sharp Major) and play the notes in that scale? Or do I have to know whether it's a Harmonic or Melodic minor scale? Thanks again.

  4. You just made a very valid point at 7:00. It's been bugging me for a while. So in case when I'm playing a natural minor, the 5th degree scale as far as I know, relates to a phrygian mode which a minor mode. I was always confused as to why the harmony works in a way if the root is Am, the 5th degree is often a major chord being an E.

    Now what you just mentioned sort of confirms my suspicion why E is a major 5 if the root position is minor A.

    Is this the case?

    Thanks bass brother.

  5. As always, very helpful. Thank you!

  6. whaaaaaaaaa…….??? lol

  7. Very Helpful. Good teaching technique!!!

  8. your right AAAAAAAAAAAA??????????? You are a awesome bass player 

  9. JohnnyC Carmine.

    Do you have any tips on where to find some uses of minor scales like maybe a specific rock song with a minor scale in it?

  10. JohnnyC Carmine.

    I subscribed to your subscription. I did not know that there more than one minor type of scale.  

  11. Are you a metrosexual?

  12. Could I be very lazy and get away with the following thinking when playing thru chord charts……Major keys with minor chords, flat the 3 and 7 and ignore the 6 so no distinction between dorian, phrygian or aeolian …. Minor keys same thing but just make sure the 7th of the key sig is raised….Pentatonics?…Thanks from a wanna be lazy bass player :)

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