Music Theory For Bass Guitar – Slash Chords & Inversions

This bass lesson covers slash chords and inversions. These are important chords for bass players to recognise and understand since they are a direct influence on the bassline.
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  1. Why would you play the inversions of C major way up on the neck when the same notes are literally under your hand? Same question goes for the next root progression. No economy of motion at all.

  2. Chris Bassartist

    I’m confused why the second inversion doesn’t have C as the highest note

  3. Βασίλειος Βρέττης

    i don't get it 🙁 inversion of a chord is just playing the same chord from a different starting point??ex instead of repeating c e g i go through e c g?

  4. Thank you for breaking it down and actually explaining this.

  5. Okay? More than okay! Thanks for clearing some things up! You make it so much easier to understand, even after years of playing!

  6. After years, theory makes sense. Thank you very much!

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