Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett – Electric Guitar Lesson

Here’s a quick lesson on how to play “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett. Hope you enjoy this guitar tutorial on Mustang Sally. For more guitar help and free resources go to today.

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Thanks for watching this tutorial on Mustang Sally. Really hope you enjoyed this guitar lesson. Great song by Wilson Pickett.

Look forward to seeing you in another video lesson soon!

Keep up the practice.



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  1. Are you, like, serious ? This is a soul song ! You can neither play it correctly nor sing at all ! Sage ? ummmmmmmm 🙁 NOT !

  2. You had me in stitches a few times through your vid, Erich. Don't change, mate. Thanks for sharing.

  3. try buddy guy version

  4. Sorry,but I think you need to go back and listen to record again. You are a good guitar,but you are missing the guitar riff from the song.

  5. Chris Cruickshank

    24 bar blues…. No?

  6. Hi, you are great teacher, but I have one little request…. could you add to your movies TABS? Little frame on upper left side of your video, or place it under video something like that: —–1—-3—-1—- etc. Sometime I'm really lost what are you playing….(when you add rythm)…. I'm your fan:-) I'm 25y now, and start playing guitar:-) Greetings from Poland (Wroclaw):-)  +yourguitarsage 

  7. Congratulations my friend for another really nice video, Big thumbs up¡¡¡ and greetings from Spain: Javier, have a nice Weekend¡¡¡¡

  8. Nice groove going on! I've just been playing the chords to this song. Now I can spice it up!

  9. whats going on with ya barnet?

  10. Nice sg by the way 

  11. First

  12. NEW lesson for you guys!

    Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett!

    Hope you enjoy this one gang! If so be sure to share the love and share it with your friends. Thanks! e :)

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