My 4 Easy Chords Changed To Track Chords | Beginner Guitar Lesson

My 4 Easy Chords Changed To Track Chords | Beginner Guitar Lesson

In this vid I go over my easy 4 Chords (G C D Em) and show how you can easily transpose them to the track chords E A B C#m)

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  1. People who say you don't "play it right" don't understand vocal range. The first way is better for people with higher vocal range. The second way is better for people with lower range. It also depends on skill level. I've been playing 8 years now, and I still play using the simple G,C,D progression and chords close to those chords such as E and A. I just throw one of them cigarette holders on, also known as a capo lol. I don't smoke, by the way. Good job, Matt! I enjoy watching your videos because of your enthusiasm towards teaching and the joyful personality that you show.

  2. I really wanna say thanks for all you do man. I've learned so many songs through your channel which allowed me to do covers on my own. Keep on being you brother god bless

  3. Can you do Reasons by Luke Combs , need to learn this song

  4. Hey Matt! Love the videos; I actually talked with you a few weeks ago in the comment section of one of your other videos but I’m asking for you to help me out with my cause below

  5. Hey Matt could you a lesson on something to ride to by jake Owen please!

  6. Shannon Claire lowe

    I have watched so many of your videos and you really don’t know how amazing you really are, you have tons of talent I would love to be able to play just like you one day godbless Matt

  7. Love your work! You certainly have the best repertoire of country songs on YouTube.
    Are you familiar with Luke Bell? He’s not the most famous country artist out there but his songs have a cool sound that your subscribers would appreciate.
    Also, have you considered setting up a Patreon account? That would be a good way to allow your fans to contribute financially to your efforts.

  8. Thanks for this lesson Matt! This is an area where I need work. My pinky finger isn't all that strong!

  9. Can you learn and post “Picture of a man” by Cody Johnson?

  10. One song I've recently discovered is Eric Church- What I almost was. I'd really appreciate a tutorial for it

  11. Matt could you do Luke combs sheriff you want to.

  12. Do you know how to play folsom prison blues

  13. Thanks for posting Matt. Gonna practice this one

  14. jeremychigger miller

    Appreciate it Matt! God bless!

  15. The best guitar teacher!

  16. Hey man can you do a tutorial on must be doin something right? I love that song

  17. Matt will you please do a lesson on made for you by jake owen

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