My Favourite Major Pentatonic Blues Lick For Making The Changes | Guitar Lesson Tutorial

See the series in order and get tabs and more:
This lesson we check out another Major Pentatonic Lick you can use to make the changes – it’s mt favourite for teaching people because you can mix it easily with Box 1 Minor Pentatonic once you get used to it and it can open a whole heap of doors!

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  1. Great series thank you

  2. thank you so much .. you got me so inspired that i want to learn how to play .. using your "what to look for" to look for an acoustic guitar ..ibanez?

  3. Sounds great!

  4. This major pentatonic blues series is fantastic! Please keep it up.

  5. What brand of guitar is that?

  6. @JustinGuitar – I truly hope you realize how much you are making an impact, helping new and old players learn so much about music and finding new ways to express themselves with the knowledge you share. Thank You!

  7. That studio keeps getting bigger n bigger , good for you man

  8. This just explained what I have been hearing and trying to figure out why it worked!!! Thanks a lot!!

  9. Matthew Scheiper

    Thank you Justin! Cheers!

  10. I also broke my high-e 2 days ago by practicing the solo on "something" using an acoustic

  11. Keep these coming!!! Please. I feel a break through coming

  12. Was that normal for that string to break like that?

  13. Yeah, 7:30 made me jump

  14. liaz strumbetter

    luv it when ya pop in, and its a perfect blues lesson… my new hollowbody is so perfect, been on a freestyle bender fer 3 months – and right back to needing the blues…

  15. Hi Justin can you please do the same type of little series going over rock changes and how you would solo using the modes..thanks your very easy to understand

  16. American Irishman

    Thank you !

  17. Michael Baggett

    The easy thing here is the licks are the same just moved around. Major pentetonic skip a string, skip a strip and ride it down the neck.

  18. Good stuff! What gauge strings do you prefer? It came to mind after the broke e.

  19. Absolute gold this stuff! You are the man Justin, thanks a ton! And handled that string break like a boss! You didn't miss a beat!

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