My First Guitar Lesson with Marty Schwartz

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  1. Mary I am so inspired by you! I too play with just my fingers and just feel uncomfortable with picks especially with my playing style. I have been experimenting with thumb picks. It lets me go heavy and hit lead line with good volume when I need but I still have all my fingers when I need them.


  2. Love Mary and Marty is a Classic and great teacher!

  3. I've been a fingerpicker since I started playing in 1966 and I'm not too good with a pick.

  4. Marty I would like to come have a lesson with you please life long fan please

  5. Thanks for sharing! You both are awesome musicians. One note about picks/plectrums—as with anything, I found trying a bunch of them revealed what I liked, there are sooooo many to choose from! Guys like EVH and Paul Gilbert use really thin picks whereas there are guys Billy Gibbons, Brian May, etc. prefer very heavy ones—thin Brian May uses a pence!

  6. Mary , a great exercise that build my pic accuracy was the riff from " dont feel the reaper" . try it .

  7. Really enjoyed this one but couldn't help thinking you needed to include Gabriella Quevedo or Tommy Emanual.

  8. Great Marty & Mary
    More please

  9. Getty Mary Spender on your Tuesday Talks… Marty you are the best I am so happy for your success you have taught the internet how to play guitar.

  10. Hey Mary, you really should try out timber picks. I have them In different woods like Ebony, Rosewood and Maple. They sound far more natural than plastic in fact they are very addictive. I really love the huge warm sound they give you. I also love super thing picks for strumming as they are very easy to use when you first start out with picks. Good Luck.

  11. Some make crazy awesome things with both styles :0)

  12. She should change her name to Mary Splendor!

  13. You just scratched that Martin all to hell.

  14. 0:51
    "We're on the same couch" "I know, its a legendary couch"
    Curse my stupid brain for the involuntarily connecting this to something.. inappropriate LOL

  15. childofthe60s100

    Marty – where can we buy your Looper Pedal please?

  16. This is the first video I've seen on your channel, and I have to say you are very attractive and have a great moxy.

  17. I think she has pigeon instinct watch her head

  18. Really simple bah

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