MY FUNNY VALENTINE – GUITAR LESSON Chord Melody Tutorial intermediate

Jazz GUITAR Chord Melody LESSON on My Funny Valentine. Detailed and well explained. INTERMEDIATE block chords jazz lesson.

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Many of you wanted to know how to play My Funny Valentine on guitar. So here’s my chord melody lesson on this great jazz standard.

My Funny Valentine is a sweet jazz ballad. I arranged it as an intermediate chord melody jazz guitar tutorial. This is also a jazz guitar block chords lesson, since i use block chords all the way through the song.

It includes the My Funny Valentine chords , as well as the melody. So it’s actually a guitar solo piece, that you need no other to play with. You can play it on your own, since all relevant parts, like the chords, the bassline and the melody is already included. So you get a full My Funny Valentine Chord Melody package.

My Funny Valentine Guitar Chords :
The guitar chords for this jazz tune aren`t too difficult. I arrenged the entire song in jazz guitar vlock chords, though. That may be alittle hard for a jazz guitar beginner and that’s exactly why I graded it intermediate level chord melody guitar.

I’m providing you with My Funny Valentine TABS, which can be purchased via Patreon or my website. If you can’t find the TABS on my website, plese email me.

I hope you like my chord melody arrangement of My Funny Valentine chord melody guitar lesson and give this video a thumbs up.

Enjoy, Sandra
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  1. You're amazing. Thanks this is just what I wanted. Maybe one day, when I am 90, I will be as good at guitar. But for now, I think I can copy you and play this song 🙂

  2. That was a brilliant lesson. Too tempting to solo over the intro play thru though.

  3. This is perfect! It's in my key and the perfect style and tempo because I phrase irregularly but stay within meter. Thank you!

  4. Sounds great. Can’t wait to get started on this one.

  5. Pasteur Henri Le missionnaire

    Could you do a tutorial of the song "How great thou art" please?

  6. Oh, beautiful with new songs, this will be a struggle, but just nice with challenges. Thanks Sandra !! Because you share your knowledge !!

  7. Love love love this

  8. Very nice arrangement!

  9. Oh come on Sandra! We are not even finished with january yet! Haha!
    Only you can get away with this one! Another excellent lesson and fantastic playing! Thank you.
    Best wishes to you and yours!

  10. Very Beautiful… Thanks Sandra 🙂

  11. Sandra, you're a diamond, thanks again for your efforts. I'm a beginner, an oldish beginner, and you make everything so very simple. Great teacher…!

  12. from Indonesia……thank you…!!!

  13. Cheers , as always , Sandra !!
    Many thanks !!

  14. Thanks! Thanks! Sandra ! I love it

  15. Danke, danke, DANKE!!!

  16. Can you please do some rhythm guitar lessons ? I'm really having trouble with my rhythm and strumming patterns tend to confuse me and frustrate me . I would really appreciate it

  17. Sehr schön Sandra.
    Vielen Dank.

  18. You lead me by the hand through this lovely song. Your arrangement is beautiful. PS I wish my Austrian was as good as your English.

  19. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Fantastic! I have to start to practice now, immediately.

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