My Hero – Foo Fighters Guitar Lesson Tutorial – How to play

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More Foo Fighters
Full playlist including;

– Something From Nothing
– Times Like These
– Learn To Fly

both acoustic and electric versions!

New Foos song next Friday #‎FooFightersFridays‬

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  1. hi.can you make a video for " i lived" by one republic pls.great job btw.thanks

  2. Where did you get that shirt?

  3. I genuinely enjoy your singing

  4. great job andy

  5. Hi Andy, your lessons already taught me so much. Can you please try to find "I'll stick around" by the Foo Fighters please? I love this song and I'd love to learn to play it. Thanks so much. you're my favorite teacher. Take care.

  6. learn to fly

  7. Thank you very much. I always wanted play that song. May the god be with you :D.

  8. federico rodriguez

    9 minutes teaching 2 fucking chords, you're too slow

  9. Nice lesson Andy, thank you. It's a nice one to build up confidence.

  10. february stars please! acoustic version 😀 pleeeeeaaaaseeee 🙂

  11. Nice

  12. wish you would spend less time on the redundant verse and cover the tasty little middle part he does live acoustically, you left it out?

  13. The pretender acoustic please

  14. As soon as u said you're doing foofighters Fridays I slammed the mother f**king subscribe button

  15. nice video, simple way to explain, easy to follow. followed.

  16. wow how fucking long does it take to show strumming patterns

  17. Switching from the E to the C Sharp, Is it 1 e + a then switch to the C Sharp?

  18. SOS UN GENIO!!!!

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