My Hero Guitar Lesson – Foo Fighters

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In this My Hero guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this early hit from the Foo Fighters note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning E A D G B E.

Most Foo Fighters songs have a lot of guitar parts, however, “My Hero” is one of their easier ones to learn since the riffs are more simplistic and don’t contain a lot of guitar layers.

I will break down each section of the song in the order they appear and will demonstrate both guitar parts if there is more than one to learn for that specific section.

I hope you guys enjoy playing this very melodic rock hit from the great Foo Fighters! #myheroguitarlesson #foofighters #guitarcovers

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  1. This song is sooooo much fun to play

  2. wich parts are daves i want to play his parts

  3. Hey Carl, thanks for the lessons, I've learned a ton from your channel. What do you think about doing Unforgiven 2 sometime?

  4. Hey Carl ! I like your lesseons a lot they're great ! Is der any possibility you might add the TABs or give a link to them? Greets from germany

  5. Hey carl i have a request for a song tutorial its called open season high highs i need yo uto lean me the song please thanks

  6. Exodus – Bonded By Blood please

  7. Hi,
    Nice Tutorial.
    Could you do Song#3 of Stone Sour.

  8. Hey Carl I've been looking for a decent guitar lesson video for fight fire with fire by Metallica the. Distorted guitar intro if you could do it I would be very happy

  9. Would you consider doing by Alter Bridge? Perhaps 'Addicted To Pain'. 🙂

  10. Hey Carl, can you please do a tutorial on the solo for "Even The Nights Are Better" by Air Supply?

  11. And ink by coldplay on acoustic

  12. Plss do shiver by coldplay on acoustic

  13. Awesome video! Can you please make a video on Franz Ferdinand “Evil eye” or “Love illumination” or “Take me out”?

  14. Great tack and lesson. Thank you!

  15. Do mystical potato head groove thing plz

  16. Do lesson of “88 “and “the bitter end “of Sum 41 pleasu

  17. Hey Carl you are a phenomenal and awesome teacher, and I would love if you could teach the holy diver solo, that would be really awesome.

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