MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE – Guitar LESSON – Chord Melody Tutorial

Note for note GUITAR TUTORIAL on the beautiful jazz ballad MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE chord melody style. TABS + Play Along!

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In this guitar lesson I will show you how to play My one and only love chord melody style. That means, that you will be able to play the guitar chords along with the melody simultaniously.
I will teach you note for note, slow and easy. You will learn the beautiful My One and only love guitar chords and the melody. Ther is a complete playthrough / performance and after that I explain everything very detailed. I will also drop in a little background info / theory where needed, so you know what you’re doing.

This song was performed by such greats as Grant Green and John Coltrane.

Of course I alos made the My One And Only Love guitar tabs plus a backing track / play along, so you can start practicing right away. Feel free to use my backing track for your own gigs.

This My One And Only Love guitar lesson was made for you with the intermediate jazz guitarist in mind. If you hae a basic knowledge of jazz guitar chords you should be able to play this jazz ballad.

There are a ton of awesome jazz guitar chords in this tune, which I’ll teach you all. You’ll also learn how to weave the melody in between. All together you’ll get a very melancholy sounding chord melody version of My One And Only love for guitar.

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  1. 0:56 My One And Only Love Regular Tempo
    3:47 Sections A1 + A2 Explanation Phrase 1
    9:43 Phrase 1 Slow Tempo
    10:11 Phrase 2a
    15:25 Phrase 2a Slow Tempo
    15:56 Phrase 2b
    17:23 Section B Explanation Phrase 3
    19:59 Phrase 3 Slow Tempo
    20:23 Phrase 4
    24:18 Phrase 4 Slow Tempo
    24:43 Section A3 Explanation Phrase 5

  2. Update to my last comment. Can't tell you how pleased I am to be able to play your lovely arrangement. I do have some past experience of playing most of the chords ( very sloppily!) but never liked playing with a pick before. Was I ever wrong. Your tabs are great, but I couldn't have done it and honestly wouldn't have tried without your "in person" showing and teaching.
    Your explanations are truly clear and make the piece very accessible with a little work and some tenderness. So, it's a great opportunity for me to keep learning and with your fabulous selection of posts, I look forward to shoring up my sketchy knowledge of music theory as well. Timid suggestion for a future chord melody: "Alone Together". A big cosmic thank you!

  3. Beautiful arrangement. And your teaching doesn't miss a beat, without mystifying ortalking down to anyone. A big bravo!

  4. Dimitris Aivaliotis

    Greetings from Hellas(Greece) I like the melody.. seems no very difficult.. As a semi begginer do you think is good try it?? Or do you suggest something easyer??
    Thank you

  5. hi Sandra from Key West,,

  6. Mahalo from Hawaii Sandra…another great lesson…I know those that follow U…myself included…learn so much…Much Love 4 All U do…Blessings…

  7. Hi Sandra, could you do Black Orpheus (Manha de carnaval) next?

  8. You are an absolute joy to learn from! Great arrangements and great presentation. Karma should smile on you, given how much you have shared with your appreciative fans!

  9. Syberoffense - Hacking With Kali Made Easy

    Excellent! Thank you!

  10. I felt the need to thank Sandra Sherman for her fine videos and her contribution to music students all over the world. The answer to playing well or improving is in her face..Her smile just shows how much she loves the guitar and music and helping others. You gotta love it! My Grandmother was from Austria and my father was from Bremen. I hope to visit one day and i hope she is playing somewhere.. I would love to see her play live.. I can remember when i ws much younger and i saw Joe Pass live. My life was changed forever, but thats a very long story and i have to work on " My one and only love"..Believe it or not it was my wedding song and i have to play it next month at my 40th wedding anniversary… Its beautiful to be in love!

  11. Dear Sandra,
    thanks for this new video.
    I would like to ask you something that many have already asked you. Is there a jazz guitar course for you to buy online?
    I am very interested in learning theory and practice and I think your way of teaching is really ideal. Patience, a touch of joy and the ability to teach are very important qualities. I have looked at many other proposals on youtube, but I think yours is the most interesting. I hope your course exists and I missed it. Thanks for your attention. Best wishes. Massimo

  12. This tune should be performed more. So great thanks for teaching it

  13. lovely

  14. It's a wonderful arrangement that cries out to be played on guitar. Johnny Hartman was born to sing it.

  15. Very cool. Excellent tune, I'm totally going to learn this! Thanks as always for the time you put into these lessons.

  16. Great guitarist and great versione…sooo sweet

  17. are the cat's pajamas. 2 thumbs up

  18. Don Hall-Aquitania

    Thank you Sandra! This is one of my favorite songs that I requested a while ago. I love your arrangements so much. Your lessons are such a gift to us.

  19. Love your accent and playing

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