Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran: Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to play nancy mulligan on acoustic guitar ed sheeran. Easy beginner lesson with chords and strumming.
OPEN DESCRIPTION for section timings.


Beginner Course:


0:00 – Short Demonstration
0:41 – Riff
5:22 – Verse (Riff replacement)
9:18 – Chorus
11:52 – Gang Vocals

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  2. The intro literally jumpscared me for how hard it was

  3. intro man wow

  4. what the fuck is he drinking

  5. in your next covers can you play slower i know that i can pause but you just talk so fast and i cant keep up.

  6. You are flipin’ gooood

  7. On the screen u wrote
    Em C D EM
    EM CG C G EM
    EM C D EM
    EM CG C D EM…..or am i wrong?

  8. AATheFoxPirate0824

    Actually EM is not playing the last string

  9. Best lesson on the internet

  10. Oscar Frosteryd

    Wow, really good lesson. Thanks!

  11. This is the best tutorial of Nancy Mulligan I've found. I was looking for a good video but i didnt can to learn how to play it, but in the instant i saw this video was really easy. Thank you!! Its one of my favorite songs of Ed


  13. Am I wrong or the tab on the video aren't what you actually play?

  14. i like how out of 7.4k veiws no dislikes

  15. Thanks just subscribed

  16. Kathleen Ideson

    To say how good your tutorials are I think you deserve more subs

  17. you got a typo in the verse, the last 4 where CD-Em, not CG-Em good lesson for the rest

  18. Could you plrease re-do the second part of the riff? you did the tabs wrong in the video and i'm having a hard time figuring it out because you play it so fast :/

  19. wow, u'r awesome, tomorrow i'll try. i seen lot tutorials and u're the best 😀

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