Natural Harmonics – Beginner Guitar Lesson

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This lesson focuses on the ability to play natural harmonics at the 12th, 7th and 5th frets. Playing a harmonic correctly produces a beautiful bell like sound that is used frequently in all styles of music. It is also very useful for tuning the guitar accurately. We will do 3 exercises then a short etude that uses just harmonics. A FREE PDF download of this lesson is available at There you will also find many other FREE video guitar lessons updated daily. My ability to continue these FREE lessons depends entirely on your support at the main site. THANKS!!


  1. You look so young here xD

  2. Thanks! I didn't understand how to play harmonics at all!

  3. That sounds beautiful. thanks you sir.


    Nth else matters

  5. i've searched countless videos on this subject and finally, i can do it!! i dunno how you did it, but somehow, you got thu to me!

  6. If only we had 3 hands. 1 for the chord, another for the harmonics, and a third for plucking the string.

  7. Paranoid Android

    almost sounded like sweet child of mine til the end lol

  8. Paranoid Android

    if only there was just a pedal you could buy that you could hit for the same effect. lol. can you tell im having a hard time?

  9. Great video, although is it just me who started humming the harmonica bit at the beginning of 'On The Road Again' after the first 12th fret harmonic? 🙂

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. Is it the pickups? Because this shit aint working

  12. I'm trying to learn this for Suite-Pee

  13. Давид дацко сам ја

    There is a really strong harmonic on the 19 fret!

  14. Came here because I need to learn Jeremy.

  15. can this be done on acoustic

  16. Is there another word for this than natural harmonics?

  17. Thanks man

  18. Thank you 🙂

  19. I tune with stairway

  20. i cant do it why the strings will just be muted 🙁

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