Natural Minor Scale for Bass Guitar

This is a simple bass lesson on the Natural Minor Scale for bass guitar.

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  1. Thanks

  2. the best teacher on the internet excellent

  3. As always, great lesson…just waiting for that aeroplane lesson now!

  4. Thanks Mark, awesome as always.

  5. I'm new to bass guitar and so far your lessons is helping me a lot thank you so much. Any advice on how to get better at playing the bass?

  6. Emmanuel Keichler SEVERE

    Thanks for your enthousiaste

  7. Hey Mark! I've been using natural but mostly harmonic minor scales for creation of old Turkish Art Music. It perfectly fits in. Could you kindly make a video for that harmonic minor scales? By the way, Happy New Year and keep up the good work in the new year too.

  8. I appreciate your help!!! God bless you!!

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