Neck Deep-December-Guitar Lesson-Tutorial-How to Play-Easy

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Have fun learning how to play “December” from Neck Deep in this Guitar Lesson/Tutorial. We go over all the parts with chords and/or Tabs. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for sharing!


Free Chord Chart: “Best Beginner Chords”

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  1. Please do some i am king songs!! cant find tabs anywhere

  2. thanks man

  3. Awesome job! Can I get the easier interlude tab?

  4. thanks man.. i was seeking for that chord.. such a good song :)

  5. u da real mvp

  6. Hey pat ! Im ive been playing guitar for 10 years. Been in bands, toured, recorded albums in the pop punk / pop rock genre & i want to say that your videos are amazing & perfect ! You keep things simple for beginners & you offer experienced players a challenge to learn! I like how you skipped the bridge
    Tab part . If anyone wants to learn it, hit pause and learn it and re go over the part to perfect it thats all! Short & sweet videos, rather then long & repetitive is way better in my opinion! Keep doing what your doing man your videos are perfect im learning so many songs cause of you , cheers brother!

  7. honestly I just subscribe to your chanel because of the video tutorial for December by Neck Deep. I like that song a lot and finally found a tutorial. thank you so much.

  8. love this <3

  9. The Great Insomniac

    Do you know where the tabs are for the second guitar?

  10. I've never been able to learn how to play guitar because of confusion or impatience but the more I watched the video, the quicker I got a hang of it. This is the first time I've ever learned how to learn a song on the guitar. This was the most helpful video I've ever watched

  11. For the verse in this song, is the drumming pattern down, up, dead strum, up, down, up, dead strum?

  12. Lexi McIlmoil (Shortstacks)

    This was really good but I think it sounded a little high for the real song

  13. This is so helpful thank you

  14. Really nice guitar lesson bro! (We're a poppunk band from Arg and love this song!) Kinda helped me with my ac gtr this lesson thx ;)

  15. I appreciate the way you teach. It's really easy to break down and digest. Thanks man.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial can you do one for the song the rescue by search the city but the acoustic version

  17. please do a cover for tssf – bad luck acoustic!

  18. Could you possibly make a video on "Maps" by The Front Bottoms?

  19. Valeuzão!

  20. This is awesome!! Do you think you could do Drown by BMTH? Love your videos!

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