Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl – How to Play – guitar lesson – tutorial

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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  1. I've always been PISSED that I only knew 3 songs in Double Drop D – Old Black Water, Goin To California and Stuck In The Middle With You. …. GREAT NEWS!

  2. Marty is the best chord interpreter in the business…..

  3. I love how you americans play like a jam free feeling it. steve marriot and keith are in that mould have a good session and see what works. im not a guitarist but I do have feel and I luv the way dylan crafts them songs. true old school av a spliff a jameson or 10 then you dont give a fuk if it comes out not sounding quite right but laugh and then ding like a light bulb an idea. always feel the best songs were easy having a laugh like rory gallagher keeping it simple . what an artist he was.

  4. Awesome!!

  5. Marty you seriously need ear training. I haven't seen you get a single song correct. Ever. Details man… maybe invest in some headphones.

  6. Closer than most.

  7. awesome lesson as usual Marty

  8. To be honest…you did mix me up like crazy! You refer to the E string as E then D then E. No consistency whatsoever. Of course I know what you're talking about but goodness me! Then fir a novice's sake tou dint specify which strings are being pressed in your power chord-and only let it be know after the fact that the middle finger isn't being used in the D chord. Holy crap dude!!!

  9. You are a Genius thanks so much

  10. thank you for a great lesson. What a majestic song

  11. Excellent lesson thank you

  12. The Philharmonic Orchestra

    ahh….you got the middle 8…..wicked muon

  13. The Philharmonic Orchestra

    nice bro!

  14. sweet LP Marty – you play fine guitars good taste in…

  15. The best all around tutorial ever.!!!

  16. Great break down. Thanks.

  17. Thanks by far one of the best teachers on the net. Always clear and well broken down

  18. best lesson you ever did, IMHO

  19. That les paul is dope man!!

  20. My BIGGEST problem with this song is that Neil truncated the solo in an attempt to have it fir the length requirement for top 40 I wish he would rerecord it with a proper length aolo.

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