Neil Young Down by the River Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

If you don’t practice your guitar, you’ll be living in a van, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! Just kidding, but seriously, check out this guitar tutorial to play one of Neil Young’s classic songs.

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  1. Thanks for watching MartyMusic! I also have a ton of FREE courses at my site

  2. thanks so much Marty great as ever. BUT at a tangent, there was an advert for jam pedals retro tube, which sounded awesome. does anyone know the track featured? can't find it…says American girls a lot – cheers and sorry Marty for crashing this great vid

  3. Douglas Humphries

    Why do many people teach this song as E-minor to A-major ? —- A minor always sounds better to me .

  4. Wow, I can really tell the difference when you played this song through the Fishman amp! Fishman so much clearer and tight, sounded like a recording studio version.

  5. Michael Haygood

    Can you please do a lesson on the solo

  6. This freakishly sounds like breathe by Pink Floyd. The video after he does a dark side video, hmmm

  7. casey jarombek

    this is my favorite Neil Young song! i have been wanting to learn to play it FOREVER!

  8. Such a great song
    And Tutorial!

  9. You forgot the d chord before the chorus..

  10. Great stuff & need to learn more Uncle Neil

  11. (My little ballerina)lesson please!

  12. Hey marty. Just asking if you could make a lesson for some of John morelands songs. I love his finger style, but I'm having a ton of trouble learning on my own. Thanks

  13. Night of the Living Meme

    Please do shallow by Lady Gaga and Brad Cooper.

  14. Could you do something by Billy Talent? 😀

  15. albert fernandez

    Oh, Monteray Pop ! !

  16. albert fernandez

    Ok, Marty, don't make many requests, so here's what I need to learn. Like a Rolling Stone, a l a Hendrix version…
    ThAnks , see you at nyc gig.

  17. Can you do more classic Neil please?….Cowgirl in the Sand hint hint

  18. Such beautiful and accurate playing

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