Neil Young Inspired Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar lesson In the style of Southern Man

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  1. Oh Marty plz pick me im just starting out on guitar love your video you make it fun and easyThank you so much

  2. Marty, I usually love your videos, but you have taken a simple song and made it so complicated, I can barely follow it, and I've been playing this song for years. This is a very advanced lesson, not for a beginner or even intermediate. JMHO.

  3. Less talking and more playing!

  4. You and Papa sound great!

  5. You and Papa sound great!

  6. Quail Studios Guitar

    Way to go Marty! I love to see PapaStache and you together! Also, Neil Young! Wow! Southern Man… epic. This is great. I'm not sure how I missed this upload in 2013. I think I wasn't connected to you then… I can't remember. Anyway, be good! Take care! Keep Rockin'!

  7. Great lesson mama mia! love from Michigan.

  8. always makes me laugh this video a classic marty and papa stache

  9. Chords for martys part?

  10. haaaay i wanna learn ? x

  11. take mine 🙂

  12. is ok i share your videos?

  13. Marty, where is your mustache? Guess Brett makes up for it. Marty you are awesome! Thanks for all you do to help poor budding artists. I really connect with your style of teaching more than any of the other youtube videos out there, and believe me I've tried a lot of them. Funny thing is I always seem to come back to your lessons. Happy April Fools Day!

  14. yall need to upload a jam session of all the great acoustic songs. 

  15. My cousin shem evens he was awesome I guess God needed him for his band

  16. Learn from the best or suck like rest. Thanx brothers. seriously I can't learn from anybodyelse ,alive anyway

  17. Learn from the best,or suck like the rest. Thanx brothers

  18. Thanks, Buddy

  19. SWEET 

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