Neil Young – Out On The Weekend Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic Live BBC

In this guitar lesson we’re checking out Neil Youngs awesome Out On The Weekend, a fun acoustic song with some interesting challenges and techniques. Loads more Neil Young lessons at
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  1. JustinGuitar Songs

    I need to do more Neil Young Songs but there are so many awesome ones – what would NY songs would you like to see lessons on next?

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  2. Jack Plays Guitar

    Would be cool to see some eagles lessons

  3. EXCELLENT. You really have just the right voice to pull off Neil. Not too many do!

  4. MirrorBall

  5. TransAm

  6. Thx Justin!!! Probably my fav NY song.. I want the tabs for the harmonica to maybe play a lead lick over it.. I like to jsut the play the bar chords to it. Good practice and sounds nice too.

  7. Justin, thank you for all you do. Love to see Down by the River & Cinnamon Girl.

  8. Hey! Justin! Thank You once more you have 'Nailed it' :O) ps: We can never have enough Neil Young songs.

  9. just wanna say THANK YOU for all the lessons you made…i appreciate that much..many greetz from north europe!:-)

  10. Francis Fielding

    If you have time, I'm learning "If I don't know" – Monsanto Years, an easy and meaningful tune – but I'm lost the final chords of the verse. (a great resource for Youngsters) have it as D, D7, D6, Daug, D.
    But that's not how it looks with Stephen Stills here:
    How would you transcribe it? I really think it is worth a beginners lesson.

  11. Wow! Your voice is off the charts on this one. Nice!

  12. Do you know Champs Elysées by Joe Dassin? It's a really simple song but I think it could be nice for practicing seventh chords. Dassin recorded a french, a german and an english version of it. I think that is incredible.


    Always helps Justin when you spit out the lyrics

  14. Hey Justin
    Can you please do Naive by The Kooks? It's a great tune!
    Loving the vids btw, you're the best! (Also loving the Rut Buster video's at Andertons 🙂 )

  15. Jake from State Farm

    Neil Young’s soul is in his strumming. The man has incredible discipline.

  16. Another great lesson 🙂 btw can you do Across the universe, pls?

  17. Ewerth Kjerlander

    great jobb Justin ,Cowgirl in the sand would be fun……

  18. Best times back then

  19. Sometimes I just like to listen to Justin's covers when the new lesson comes out.

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