New rules – Dua Lipa | Guitar Tutorial Lesson | Melody Tab & Chords

How to play New rules by Dua Lipa on Guitar with easy chords and free melody on-screen tab.

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  1. How can someone dislike this video? ??


  3. Can you do 21 guns by green day

  4. Can you do: -Play that Song by Train-Friends by Marshmallow and Anne-MariePlease❤

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  6. Rembulan Whitesides

    Please do 'be calm' by mamamoo hwasa

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  8. How do you edit your thumbnails bro? Is there any app/software for the colored-filter effect?

  9. Game Budd Goondula

    Dude this is an amazing video now l can off show to my friends : )

  10. Pls make another fingerstyle tutorial

  11. nguwusic - Easy Guitar Tutorial

    To have access to all of my tabs and +50 more songs :

    Melody tab : 0:29
    Strumming and chords : 2:39
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  12. Another video 😀

  13. I need the tab sheet. Can u snd it to me on instagra . My insta id is @affaan_aamer

  14. Thx for the tutorials they are great

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