New Sensation INXS THROWBACK Electric Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! We’re doing a throwback video for today’s lesson – New Sensation by INXS. I’ll go over the guitar riff, chords and strumming patterns of the song. Grab your electric guitars and let’s get to playing!

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  1. Awesome, I love INXS!

  2. Yes marty!!! Thanks for this vid!!! 🙂

  3. I love her by kurt colbain

  4. Yeeesss!! Love INXS, should totally do some more of their songs

  5. Cmon marty cover the River by King gizzard and the lizard wizard already. Google the tabs

  6. Please do snowblind by Black Sabbath

  7. So like PRS Silver??

  8. Hey Marty , could you do a lesson for the 2nd solo of dry county and a lesson for the solo of in these arms ? Both songs are from Bon jovi

  9. Jordan Shane Nolan

    Please do Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne!!!

  10. Hey Marty, could you do a lesson on God's Country. I've been wanting to play it for a while and I can't find anything on it

  11. Marty can you do cars hiss by my window the doors a great little bluesy song

  12. Please do some modest mouse

  13. Another great jam marty. Keep it up

  14. Thanks for the guitar lesson. Was wondering if you take requests. Trying to get a country/blues song and it's hard to search for. It's called "Strange" by Randy Houser. If you can help out, itll be much appreciated. I got most of it figured out, but its missing something.

  15. it’s spooky season, could you do some spooky songs? that are for like beginners? thank you so much!

  16. Marty. Please play Sweden by c418 from Minecraft. If i look up a song to learn and it's not a lesson from you i don't even try it. Nobody teaches beginners as good as you and nobody has done a lesson on how to play it

  17. Fabián Contreras

    Marty gamer

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