New Slang By The Shins Guitar Lesson

New Slang By The Shins Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson. Song: New Slang By: The Shins
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  1. What a hero, thank you!

  2. Thanks buddy. This video is old now, so I hope you're doing well in 2019.

  3. This is a well explained detailed lesson, very accurate tempo.

  4. Jean-Pierre RAIMOND

    J'adore cette musique.

  5. It’s that strumming pattern though that’ll get cha

  6. It’s that strumming pattern though that’ll get cha

  7. Great work. Thanks for posting.

  8. Oh man thank you so much for this lesson. Even though I’m quite a veteran guitar player I just couldn’t figure out the rhythm just perfect. I always feel so happy and relaxed when I listen now I can feel happy when I play it thank you so much

  9. I just made a YouTube account just to say that. Such a waste of time

  10. Really good video man. Good job. Good song…..

  11. XxTrYh4rdn00bsSuckxX

    You're such a fake -_- the clouds are not moving at all behind you

  12. amazing thank you. love this song

  13. I just started guitar, so I feel like I'm definitely biting off more than I can chew with this song. But, thanks for a super well layed ou lesson 🙂 Makes it easier for even someone like me to try and pick up this song haha

  14. Harrison Christian

    Great lesson. Do you think in James Mercer's live acoustic version of this, he is also muting the strings at times with his strumming hand? I've got the chord progression and strumming down but it's sounding weird when I let the strings ring the whole time. Here's the live acoustic version for reference:

  15. Good video. I'm pretty sure James Mercer is playing his G chord with an open B string

  16. Really helpful. Nice job! I'll look for more tutorials from Rady! Thank you.

  17. Great lesson. Thanks very much.

  18. Hey Rady, i dont get the bass notes for each of the chords? should i just pluck a random bass note and strum? or does each of the chords has its own bass note? Thanks Rady! love your tutorial!

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