Nietzche’s Guide to Bass Guitar [ AN’s Bass Lessons #12 ]

In addition to laying the foundations for modern philosophical thought, Nietzche also could play a mean bass. In this video I talk about the Apollonian and the Dionysian, what they meant for Nietzche, and what they mean for you as a bass player and a performer of music.




  1. Nietzsche himself wrote music you know? Doesn't seem to be really dionysian though

  2. You're a great thinkin' man! Totally agreed

  3. Adam, thanks for your discernment, perception, awareness, understanding, comprehension, apprehension, appreciation, penetration, perspicacity, and great insight.

  4. Adam how do you spell the guy famous jazz teacher name?

  5. dude you are so cool, thank you for all of your work

  6. monogatari is always a good example for balance :D

  7. Awesome!

  8. hey i have a pentatonic scale question: i know theres your typical major/relative minor pentatonic, but what about ones that outline other chord qualities like a 6 or minb6 etc. this is something i cant find any solid info on and im curious about how jazzers super impose them over chords and make it sound trickier than it really is.

  9. I have no idea what you are talking about, but it's smart!

  10. Hal Galper is a great pedagogue! Also, ever consider shaving???

  11. Кирилл Дайбов

    Hi, love your channel. Could you give a link to educational materials that you advise to watch at the end of the video? Or just spelling of his name, I couldn't catch it.

  12. Man, was I ever so happy to see a Bakemonogatari fragment make an appearance.

  13. <grammar_nazi>It's Nietzsche.</grammar_nazi>

  14. It's Nietzsche, not Nietzche.
    And again, It's totally fine to end a sentence with a preposition (4:23), in fact, I'd say it's even preferable… this is English, not Latin or a Romance language.

    2:23 I think Neil is quite fond of the Dionysian side of life, otherwise he wouldn't have that characteristic sense of humor and charisma. I also think he probably admires Nietzsche at some level, being a highly articulated scientist and educator doesn't make him a robot.

  15. One of the best Youtube videos I have ever seen! But how did you get through ´´The Birth of a Tragedy´´? I once started it but really could not follow Nietzsches thoughts.. His writing style is quite confusing..

  16. wouldn't it be pronounced app-uh-LOW-nee-in? rather than app-ah-lih-NEE-in?
    kinda bugging me. but regardless very interesting take on viewing music in a different way. love all your videos, duderino.

  17. Adam, I find your videos fascinating, exciting and insightful. You have a rare talent to present real knowledge in a concise way, without losing the 'fun' part. Good job, man.
    I especially admire your ability to present expert and elitist view on music in times when almost everybody thinks what matters in music is 'soul', 'heart', 'emotions'.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. frantisek veselovskyJR

    jack white disagrees about that excited thing

  19. pretty sweet…and I don't even play bass…everytime I watch your videos I feel like I learn something…

  20. What is the name of the Bach song sample?

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