Nirvana "All Apologies" Guitar Lesson

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  1. I play this all the time tysm for teaching me how to play my fav song

  2. Goon Squad Skateboarding

    Marty you’re the best when it comes to guitar lessons!

  3. Instead of tuning down, you could just move up a fret, I don't know it worked for me.

  4. I started playing guitar 6 months ago now im gigging all thanks to you best tutor on youtube cheers marty (can you do a acoustic tutoriol of slide away and masterplan by oasis please)

  5. Anyone else’s tuning sound shite? Kewl

  6. anybody else a left handed guitar player

  7. Been a decade now Marty, following you! You've grown old but never disappointed me! Keep up the good work m/

  8. Can you do rape me plz

  9. Heyy marty do you think you could do some descendants ( not the disney ones) like something off milo goes to college

  10. I love you marty!

  11. Quiero entrarme a vergasos al guitarrista >:v

  12. Make Martie president

  13. Mr 90's Music lover

    this song is a great example of how you can take a song and play it anyway you want, with kurt not following any sort of pattern, it truly opens it up so anyone that can play it can do it the way they want!!

  14. I learned the song I just can’t tune my guitar to yours which is irritating

  15. Marty you’re a god

  16. Random Guy Does Random Things

    Thanks Marty Ive lewrned something new

  17. You are the only youtuber who is good at explaining songs! Thanks Marty!

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