Nirvana – All Apologies – How to Play – Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Kurt Cobain

Nirvana - All Apologies - How to Play - Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Kurt Cobain

Free Chord and scale book here


  1. is it better to have steel light strings on a acoustic then bronze

  2. 5:40 is it just me or does that sound make you have a guitar-gasm?

  3. this is so awesome mOAR!!!!!

  4. Why doesn't mine sound anything like yours u have to explain how to tune it

  5. Krist does have a nice very low d

  6. I'm just a 13 year old in a band with some friends needing to learn this song in two days and this was so helpful. thank you

  7. Brilliant Marty my wife's fav song I'm gonna learn it and sing it to her. You a star mate

  8. lostsheep hendricks

    Where can I get the tab to this? On a fixed income.

  9. wish i had so much pick controll!

  10. Cancer On a Stick

    Can you play this the same on Electric Guitar?

  11. This isn't even how you play it lol

  12. This was so simply explained and really made sense, you made this look so easy haha. This is going to take some serious practice, but I found getting the tuning easy enough, Thank You.

  13. Derrick Blackburn

    when you say drop the e string down i have no clue where to drop it. Dropping it to the d is difficult for a dumb motherfcuker just tell me a half step or full step. us beginner retards aren't magical tuning forks.

  14. Kool iam going to try it. Thanks

  15. i wish you would've went into depth on the rythm of the second part of the song. really hard to follow through ear as a beginner

  16. I don't know if this is for beginners, I've been playing for a few months and I progressed very quickly, but your videos are confusing!, list the chords, intro, chorus verse, etc. go through the strumming and start playing it, I feel like your giving too much unnecessary info, were just trying to play the guitar and make it sound OK! keep it simple, less is more

  17. So good it helped me a lot!'!

  18. For the people that cant get their guitar in tune you can use this app called "panotuner" its free

  19. Joshua Fernandez

    Youre my idol martz

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