Nirvana – Come as You Are – Easy Guitar Lesson – How to Play Nirvana on Guitar

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Nirvana – Come as You Are – Easy Guitar Lesson – How to Play Nirvana on Guitar
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  1. what pedal is he using?


  3. Your a great teacher. thanks man good stuff

  4. I am 40 years old and I just started playing the guitar. A friend of mine who is teaching me the guitar told me about this song being easy to learn for a beginner and this is how I got to you video. Your Sir are great! I learned the first part very easily thanks to you and it's encouraging to keep practicing! Thanks a lot!

  5. thetriflingcookie _

    I normally don't comment on most guitar tutorials, but I have got to say man, this really helped me A TON. Thank you so much this is amazing

  6. How does he get that floaty sound in the amp

  7. I agree your wicked awsome bro

  8. Holy hell thank you so much for this video man, I love the way you teach!!!

  9. i play on a acoutic guitar and always have the problem that i hit other strings while switching between the chords at the beginning so it sounds weird, does someone have a tip for me? (sry for bad english)

  10. OW hell yeahhh bro,

  11. This is the 1st thing that made me happy after starting to learn to play guitar!!!!

  12. When you write easy guitar lesson do you mean that the song is easy to learn??

  13. Fabrizio Davila Angles

    it's been 5 years since i saw the video for the first time back then it was so fucking impossible to do what he says but now is so simple :)

  14. Can you do one by metallic

  15. i love playing this song its really easy and fun! also im definitely going to subscribe, youre a really good teacher!

  16. honestly you're great ,you're the best teacher,thank you very much

  17. good times

  18. You are a fantastic instructor!

  19. That's for the FYI.

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