Nirvana – Come As You Are – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on guitar – Kurt Cobain

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  1. Did I see you on MTV unplugged in 1992

  2. Marty, with all love to u, u missing one note in intro.

  3. Classic…good times!!!

  4. love ya marty

  5. You r the best!

  6. You are the absolute bollocks for guitar on youtube.
    Sincere thanks from the UK.


  8. What’s the strumming pattern?

  9. Late I know, but there's one note missing at the end. Still the best teacher on youtube.

  10. Im a drummer, but i really need to learn guitar to save time in a band.

  11. This is amazing

  12. You played the riff wrong

  13. Wow that's more simple than smoke on the water I was at least expecting bar chords. Rip kurt

  14. Question- when you end on the 00 do you do continue from that with 12 or would it go 00 0012

  15. marty can you do a lesson of bullet for my velantine #TearsDon'tFall

  16. I cant keep my finger on the second fret of E while hitting open A as my finger blocks A string, what can I do?

  17. I like this guy but there’s a couple things that are wrong in a lot of the videos no hate just something to point out so beginners don’t think misinfo is correct

  18. You made this a vid already

  19. Do one on sleep apnea by beach fossils

  20. JoshVlogs. Morgan

    is it a full step down or a half step. because it sounds a little low on my guitar

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