Nirvana "Drain You" Guitar Lesson

Nirvana "Drain You" Guitar Lesson

Check out this awesome lesson for a lesser known Nirvana song, Drain You!

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Hey guys, Marty here again with “MartyMusic”, hope all is well! Anyway it’s that time again….Nirvana time! Here’s “Drain You” and thanks again for supporting where I produce my new content, “MartyMusic”

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  2. Instead of doing d u strumming for this song just downstrumming is that okay?

  3. Those frets are huge

  4. What's that a big muff?

  5. Bleach next

  6. Marty, can you tell me about that tele? what pickups do you have going on in there? is that switch a splitter?

  7. You have no soul when it comes to nirvana

  8. You may be good at teaching songs but you’ll never be the god of tone sadly

  9. ur a god

  10. kurt scream Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. I've always wanted to play guitar, but the beginning seemed so slow.

  12. TheZuccWhoWasABugg

    Is there any muting in the strumming ?

  13. Do next Nirvana ''Blew'' Guitar Lesson

  14. One day i will smash my guitar into a speaker.

  15. Beautiful guitar

  16. Okay i get the strumming pattern is DDUDUDU but how the hell do
    You use this while playing the rhythm. I NEED EXPLANATION HEREEEEE

  17. My favorite song

  18. thanks the first run through got me knowing how to play it

  19. doesn't sound like you're playing the muted rhythms correct

  20. Beautiful

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