Nirvana – Lake of Fire – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Meat Puppets – Nirvana Unplugged

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Hey what’s up you guys! Marty Schwartz here from “MartyMusic”! Thanks for the continued support of my new project which will be a year old in June!!! Wow! Time flies when you’re, well, you get it. Anyway, can never go wrong with some Nirvana on a Monday am I right? Also be sure to hit the “bell” in the top right corner of the screen to be notified when I make new videos! Thanks again, see you soon!

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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for supporting "MartyMusic"! What Nirvana song should I teach next?

  2. יונתן אדלר

    Can you teach No Good by Kaleo???

  3. Professor Stevie

    can u learn how to play when you're young by three doors down

  4. Freezh Von Froste

    Can you teach "Do Re Mi" by Nirvana ?

  5. You should do plateau

  6. is meat puppets song

  7. What's up with the beard man?
    Kinda nice though

  8. Petar Stojanovic

    do counqer or die by megadeth avoustic intro

  9. Marty you're so awesome! You're with me since I started playing guitar. Thanks for that 🙂

  10. Please do Through the Valley by Shawn James

  11. Hey marty! i really want to learn unforgiven 2 by metallica, but can't find any vids or decent tabs. there's only vids for the first unforgiven. i would love to learn it. btw your videos are the best man!

  12. Rockstar by nickleback or and i love by the Beatles

  13. I wanna learn how to play plug in baby by muse

  14. I'm learning and your channel is good for me, really appreciate. (PLEASE "THE EYE " from Brandi Carlile, would be great) good luck from San Diego CA

  15. hey marty , thanks for your efforts to help us enjoying playing guitar
    you really an amazing smart teacher , make things really easy
    would you please do some chris cornell songs , like sunshower , seasons or black hole sun
    i think his style of playing is kinda cool , however i am not really an expert on playing guitar to have an opinion about it 😀
    but i hope i will turn to one by watching your videos of martymusic
    thanks a lot

  16. Please make more fingger pstyle videos! I really want to learn how to master it.

  17. Tyler Levi Silk de la Pena

    Hey Marty, I've been watching your videos for awhile and you are really cool. I have a request, could you teach Move Over by Janis Joplin? Thanks man

  18. thanks Marty. you're probably the best guitar tutor , been watching your videos since I started playing a few years ago. many thanks from Newcastle England.

  19. Farty Marty

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