Nirvana – Lake of Fire – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Meat Puppets – Tutorial – Kurt Cobain

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  1. Thank you so much Sire 😉 You opened an all new GALAXY to me! I'm actually playing on a lapsteel as I can't play a regular guitar, so your Eb lessons are GOLD to me! Once again, thank you. Subbed & subscribed of course :))

  2. хули тут всё на англиском?

  3. very informative and clear thank you, i learned alot

  4. would be cool if you'd explain the strumming

  5. love buzz we want love buzz lesson

  6. Thank you for what you do! You're videos are extremely beneficial. If I ever want to learn a song, I always come here!

  7. best guitar's teacher ever. greetings from Italy

  8. Mate I live the way you teach so simple and easy to understand you make it look so easy brother !!

  9. Thanks. U Rock!

  10. Hey he played that solo too in the last….Marty please attach another mail for that solo….very well done another great video

  11. Gievan Cabauatan

    PLEASE do Oh Me (nirvana cover) next PLEASE!!!!!

  12. Can you teach us system of a down-hypnotize

  13. Joakim Pettersen

    is this the same as the original vertion?

  14. Iheardloveisblind

    What this not in standard tuning? Or am I not in standard tuning?

  15. marty the man!

  16. Thanks very much


    I'm trying to learn to play the guitar, but it's so difficult! Please help!

  18. Jake gahungidumainti

    always love how you show an easy begginer method as well as a more complicated one, makes it alot easier to pick up then add on the cooler parts as you get better with the guitar, thanks marty another great video!

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