Nirvana | Lithium | Guitar Lesson | How to Play Lithium by Nirvana on Guitar

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again with “MartyMusic!” This lesson breaks down the Nirvana song “Lithium” with the whole step drop down tuning that Kurt Cobain used for it. Also, other tunings can be a good way to get out of a rut because the guitar will feel and sound different than what you’re used to. Could spark some creativity?
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  2. Amp settings?

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    Do a lesson on rape me

  4. Marty I love the way you teach how to play a song on the guitar but you sometimes don't teach it the correct way you fucking change the riffs or skip the riffs a little differently I love that you want to teach simple but I want to learn it the correct way

  5. Hey whats up you guys yes

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  10. Just a powerful song isnt it

  11. Why the hell I discover the best tutorials when I don't have my guitar around?

  12. Love it!

  13. Is this even correct?

  14. Can the tuning warp the ndck?

  15. waaaaiiittt whaat, how did you do that "clean sound". did u use some pedal or its just good guitar. my strat cant do this sound! nice vid btw

  16. This is not how you play Lithium the chords are wrong Kurt surely didn't play it this way

  17. Impossible ….

  18. No chance for me (a beginner) to learn. You cant clearly see what he is doing … Hoped to see a good video "how to learn" that song

  19. Please do literally any System of a Down!!! Especially chop suey or sugar

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