Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Kurt Cobain

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  1. I like this guy! Super helpful

  2. great lesson man! do u know where i can find the tabs

  3. can you put tabs to the descripition please?

  4. Your awesome brother!

  5. Am I stupid, if I can't learn this?

  6. You play this song too clean! Lol good job teaching it though

  7. Excellent teaching, … Great balance of musicianship (natural joy) and effective teaching protocol. Good Luck!

  8. Can you plz put the notes on there

  9. Mommy Isn't Happy With You

    rape me

  10. shadvick helltown

    thanks to show us how to play nirvana songs

  11. teach kryptonite marty

  12. You can't really mute like that when you're playing on acoustic and don't have the money to buy a super expensive electric guitar…


  14. Thanks Marty

  15. thankyou so much for your videos marty. they help me so much!!

  16. Evelyn Bustamante

    The muting part is still hard for me

  17. Fuck the muting is so hard.

  18. Anybody mind telling me what pedals he is using?

  19. All of my love to you

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