Nirvana – Stay Away Electric Guitar Lesson How To Play

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  1. Did anyone else not notice how nice this dudes hands are?

  2. seu estrangeiro de merda ensina essa porra direito

  3. por favor afina la guitarraGG

  4. this sounds so dam caln

  5. Cool

  6. Videos are very helpful thx. Could you do Swap Meet? Cant find any tutorials on youtube

  7. Thanks for this :)

  8. Hearing the song it seems like in the 4th chord there's an open before the second repetition of itself.

  9. he's laid back.. its a good thing 🙂 

  10. Mr. DC's Guitar Lessons

    @woutera11 You're welcome.

  11. Thanks for the Tenacious D Explosivo tutorial! :D

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