Nirvana (Unplugged) – "Oh Me" – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (w/Tabs)

Tabs&Backing Track –

Cover/Playthrough –

This is a lesson on How to play “Oh Me” by Nirvana, featuring “The Meat Puppets” as a guest band on their Live Unplugged.

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  1. Please what is the rytmich

  2. This was helpful and awesome thankyou!

  3. 9.50 for solo

  4. Not Nirvana

  5. Thanks for a great tutorial

  6. Isn't there a Chorus on the original recording ? Your guitar sounds great !

  7. Excellent video, thankso

  8. Roberto Imaizumi

    Awesome, thanks!!

  9. Víctor Patiño George

    Thanks man, very helpful

  10. I struggled with this song. Thanks for your lesson, awesome!

  11. Ang Hishi Sherpa

    but how to tune guitar in e and half scale down ??

  12. nicely explained sir well done!!!…im jealous of the guitar hehe…

  13. Just Games For Me


  14. I’m going to destroy you Ricky bobby

  15. yo man i am trying to learn this song for this girl that i like but i cant find any videos on how to play it can you do me a huge favor and make a video for me its called anomaly by light brigade if you could do that for me you would really be helping me out also if you do decide to do the song please do it soon as possible i see her this weekend and it would be the perfect chance to play it if you post the video ill let you know what happens.

  16. That's awesome. Any possibilities for Pixies or Television tutorials?

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