Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night – guitar lesson tutorial – leadbelly

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Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night – How to Play acoustic guitar songs – marty schwartz Lesson tutorial leadbelly marty schwartz guitarjamzdotcom guitarjamz kurt c know don cover live fighters foo tell pearl dave “you know” alice something wanna chains “foo fighters” unplugged “pearl jam” chris “don know” “electric guitar” chords


  1. ughhh I can’t get my hammer-ons to be loudddd

  2. Thx!❤️

  3. Fucking Bar chord

  4. Louise Ashworth

    good stuff but uyour are not really barring that B chord only the tip of your finger and thats E major

  5. Great lesson, bro!

  6. A down up down up down lol lmfao

  7. Little link down there, then you pointed at your crotch

  8. High priest of the church of tea

    It’s a led belly song

  9. Thanks for the video, always just played em,a,g and b, now it sounds right. tough part is the singing though haha

  10. Michael O'Neill

    Thank you so much for making this video. It’s really help me put what little I know to use.

  11. B7 also works fine


  13. nirvana didn't write this song its a cover

  14. Bro u is da best teacher ever!!U da cat,baby!!Ya got 9 !!!

  15. Very good . Keep it up !

  16. for someone like (super begginer) the way you show/teach this song is percfect, thanks.

  17. I don't know what you think a power chord is but they ain't power chords

  18. Patrick Abresch

    Wish I had the tabs in front of me as I watch him!!

  19. Timetotransmute

    that g chord sounds different here, the high strings overpower it

  20. spiderswebs3 theone

    Great lesson bud,spot on.

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