Nita Strauss Guitar Lesson

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Check out the amp Nita is using in this video, the Marshall CODE 25, here:–marshall-code-25-25-watt-1×10-inch-digital-combo-amp

And check out the Ibanez Nita Strauss JIVA10 Signature guitar here:–ibanez-nita-strauss-jiva10-signature-deep-space-blonde

Sweetwater’s Nick Bowcott is joined by Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) to learn some tips and tricks, and to share them with you! After the video, check out the tab for this guitar lesson here:
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  1. Nita Strauss is an amazing guitar player, and very hot.

  2. MANUTALLURGY Manu cléaire

    Those solo notes give emotions on stage a little taste of Yngwie Malmsteem or ACDC

  3. Nita oh yeah!!!

  4. sh'es had a nose job

  5. Ok so if i was as hot as her i could play that bad and impress the audience?

  6. Only took 30 years for a female guitarist that might be better than Lita…

  7. BrotherBoresIsBest

    I like his interviews. It is cool to see an interviewer laugh and make it seem more like a conversation.

  8. Very Synyster Gates like Solo.

  9. I pre ordered my Jiva already, can't wait to get it!

  10. (Sigh) I miss Randy Rhoads.

  11. thank you Nick Bowcott, love your work, and thank you so mush for this great answer keep on rockin

  12. amazing guitar player, you got to love Nita, I know I do hahaha

  13. Open string pedal tone licks. Randy Rhoads live solo 1981.

  14. Thank you for being gracious enough to teach us some of your technique your great

  15. Yeah the dude form the legendary Reaper m/ of See you in Hell and Rock You to Hell fame pioneer of the British Heavy Metal movement of the mighty 80's being sent to practice by the lovely Miss Strauss. He's Turning into a gullible panda!. Enjoyed the vid, chick is hot.

  16. Nita is a fantastic guitar player. What amp did you use?

  17. What a sweetheart

  18. Shout out to Kirk Hammett for writing the intro of her solo 20-30+ years ago hahahahahahaha, she’s still an awesome player tho, all love

  19. Sweet girl…very nice.

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