No Money | Galantis | MELODY | Guitar Lesson | Tutorial | How to play

No Money | Galantis | CHORDS | Guitar Lesson | Tutorial | How to play

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  1. Sounds great and perfect Tommy learn

  2. Owl city -fireflies plssss

  3. Felipe maia vieira

    stressed out please!

  4. what software do you use to edit your videos?

  5. Avicii – hold on never leave ft. martin garrix, please!

  6. can you please do too good by drake next??? with special tabs for the bass??

  7. can you post melody tabs for wings by birdy and fools by troye sivan? pleaaase

  8. pleaseeeeeeee do the melody for cheap thrills

  9. got urgent contest coming up need

  10. pls do melody for one dance

  11. Please do Shut Up and Dance… you said you would after photograph… :(

  12. Cant you do a "easy love" melody lesson? :)

  13. XXxxAcE RocKxxXX

    how do you print tabs so it perfectly fits the paper?
    My tabs gets cut when i print it :(

  14. Can you do this song? hymn for the weekend

  15. Ismael Alonso Zawit

    fingerstyleee please, your tabs are awesome

  16. can you do impossible by shontelle

  17. Why tabs isn't working?

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