Nobody | Casting Crowns / Matthew West | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Hey gang! I”ve had several requests for this great song by Casting Crowns and Matthew West called “Nobody”. The chords are G, C, Em, D so give it a shot!
God bless!
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  1. Love Blake ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Would you please teach us Red Letters by Crowder? God bless you

  3. I'm a pretty new subscriber to your channel. It's been helping me in learning the guitar. Been really enjoying your song lessons and the biblical messages in those videos. Also I like your Wednesday Word videos.

  4. I so want to play this. Would you do it on the piano because I don't play guitar.

  5. The JOY of the LORD JESUS.
    THAT'S what Jesus gives us and that's what sustains us. Praise God. You have a wonderful family Matt. With God you are one of the best godly dad's around. Press on the upward way. No turning back.

  6. I'm constantly inspired by your videos. I still haven't built up the nerve to actually try playing or singing on church yet, but I'm working on it.

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